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To schedule a new training or join a training your saw in an advertisement or flyer, please click here to complete a Training Request Form. If you would like to learn to provide AF-CBT training, please see more details about our Trainer Certification process here.

Learn More About Our 3 Training Options

  1. Onsite Training for a Group of Staff (Clinicians, Supervisors)
    1. A national trainer will conduct the training in your setting or community that is tailored to your program’s needs. We require a cohort of at least 12 trainees from one or more agencies to enrich the learning experience. Simply complete our training request form and we will contact you to discuss the details.
  2. An Individual Practitioner Wants to Join a Scheduled Training Program in a Designated Location
    1. Most of these training sessions have been conducted in Pittsburgh or Los Angeles. Descriptions and dates are posted in our website calendar. Please complete our training request form to join one of these training sessions.
  3. Virtual Training
    1. A national trainer will conduct the training via Microsoft Teams web conference so that trainees can participate from any setting. Please complete our training request form.

If You Would Like to Become an In-house Trainer in AF-CBT

Agency staff who are certified as AF-CBT clinicians can apply to become AF-CBT in-house trainers. This training program allows the trainer to conduct trainings in the agency for new staff with support from the Pittsburgh national AF-CBT office. Please check here to find information about our in-house trainer program.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

AF-CBT is provided by trainers from institutions around the United States. While we provide CEUs for our local training sessions held in Pittsburgh, we cannot guarantee that CEUs are offered at other sites. If you would like to find out whether CEUs are offered for the training session you are signing up for, please check with the trainer.

We do, however, offer free CEUs for completing our Overview and Fundamentals Course offered by the NCTSN


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Baumann, Kolko, Fiore
Oct 10, 12, 17, 19, 2023


November 2023 Remote Training

Baumann, Kolko
Nov 28, 29, Dec 4, 5, 2023


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Alternatives for Professionals is designed for professionals who do not provide direct counseling services to families.


September 2023 Remote Training

Sep 11, 19


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