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What are the Goals of AF-CBT?

The primary goals of AF-CBT treatment are to:

  • Improve caregiver-child relationships
  • Strengthen healthy parenting practices
  • Enhance children’s coping and social skills
  • Promote child safety/welfare and child well-being
  • Maintain family safety
  • Reduce anger, verbal aggression, threats of force, and emotional abuse
  • Reduce the use of physical force in the family
  • Reduce child physical abuse risk or recidivism

AF-CBT adopts a comprehensive treatment stratedgy that incorporates:

  • coping skills and emotion regulation
  • behavior management
  • problem solving
  • social skills training
  • positive thinking
  • communication
  • clarification

The advantage of this program is that all of these techniques, handouts, training examples, and outcome measures are integrated in a structured approach that can be easily accessed and used.


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