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Where can I Find a Certified AF-CBT Clinician?

In order to obtain certification in Alternatives for Families: a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (AF-CBT), clinicians must fulfill a number of requirements. These certified clinicians are experienced and well-versed in the finer points of applying AF-CBT. A list of these clinicians can be found below.

United States


  • Monica Fitzgerald, Synergy Outpatient Services
  • Stephanie Jester, University of Colorado Denver
  • Amity King, Devereux Colorado
  • Caitlin Minino, Mental Health Partners
  • Ambrosia Shepard, Savio
  • Claudia Valadez, Spanish Clinic


  • Japheth Auguste, Smith Community Mental Health Services
  • Scarlett Blandon, Kristi House
  • Josefina Costa, Kristi House
  • Patrice Rotolo, Smith Community Mental Health Services
  • Daniel Torres, Smith Community Mental Health Services
  • Cedrin Vera, Kristi House


  • Joanne Gilman, MSPCC/Eliot Community Human Services
  • Jaime Santiago, MSPCC/Eliot Community Human Services


  • Dan Kleiner, Kennedy Krieger Institute


  • Matt Fosket, Child and Family Therapy Institute of Nebraska

New Mexico

  • John Jewett, Sandia Pueblo Health Center

New York

  • Elissa Brown, St. John's University
  • Eliza Chamblin, New York Foundling
  • Komal Sharma-Patel, St. John's University
  • Sara Gates, Child Advocacy Center of Niagara

North Carolina

  • Ashley Fiore, Mountain CAC


  • Barbara Baumann, University of Pittsburgh
  • David Kolko, University of Pittsburgh

South Carolina

  • Carole Campbell Swiecicki, Dee Norton Lowcountry Children's Center
  • Dianne Corbin, Merrimack Valley Trauma Services
  • Alexandra Desch, Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center


  • Naomi Perry, University of Washington


  • Michal Shalev-Binnun


  • Mineko Inudzuka, Taisho University
  • Yasuko Hoshina, Taisho University



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