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Training Options

There are four options for organizing or obtaining a training in AF-CBT:  costs can be obtained by sending a question via the website.

Agency On-site Training for a Group of Staff (Clinicians, Supervisors)

A national faculty member will conduct the training in your setting or community that is tailored to your program’s needs.  We encourage having a cohort of at least 12 trainees (up to 15) from one or more agencies to enrich the learning experience.  A trainer can also accommodate a larger group (price varies based on number of trainees, logistics, and other parameters discussed in advance). Interested administrators or managers may request a training by completing our training request form.

Training Program for an Individual Practitioner who Travels to a Designated Trainer Site

Most of these trainings have been conducted in Pittsburgh or Los Angeles. Descriptions and dates are posted in our website calendar. 

Training Program to Become an In-house Trainer in AF-CBT

Agency staff who are certified as a AF-CBT clinician can apply to become an AF-CBT in-house trainer.  This training program allows the trainer to conduct trainings in the agency for new staff with support from the national AF-CBT office. Please check here to find information about our in-house trainer program.

Agency Training Conducted by the Agency’s Certified In-house Trainer

Agency staff who are certified as an in-house trainer can conduct agency trainings in coordination with the national AF-CBT office.  There is a small cost per training participant to cover the cost of all training and treatment materials, web and data infrastructure maintenance to facilitate ongoing website access to all materials/updates, and technology assistance (e.g., uploading audio). Please check here to find information about our in-house trainer program.


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